The repeater is equipped with an autopatch that provides access to both 911 and the non emergency number for the local dispatch center. When calling either 911 or the non emergency line you need to advise the dispatcher of your location and the location of the emergency if different as the location that will show on their screen will not be where you are at. You will also need to advise the dispatcher that you are calling via amateur radio and once you disconnect they will not be able to call you back. The autopatch has a call limit of 3 minutes this can be extended by entering the dtmf command of B3 which will extend the patch for an additional 2 minutes at which time the repeater will time out until the patch is disconnected. Codes for the autopatch can be found below. Additional numbers can be called with control operator assistance.

911 – 911
Non Emergency – B22
2 Minute Extension – B3
Disconnect – B0