The repeater operates on the coordinated frequency of 147.280 with a tone of 107.2.
This repeater gives coverage from the junction of SR-40 & SR-208 West of Duchesne to Roosevelt and the Northern Mountains. It is currently equipped with a full time EchoIRLP node. IRLP Node #:3205 Echolink:458414 (AD7ZW-R) incoming connections are limited to -L or -R stations unless other arrangements have been made. There are no restrictions on outbound connections. Future plans are for a VOIP link to the Intermountain Intertie. The Repeater is comprised of a Kenwood TKR-751 with a Henry Amplifier & a 6 cavity telewave duplexer into a Hustler G7-144B antenna. Effective Radiated Power at the antenna is 182 watts. The repeater is live streamed to the internet here or through the player below. The repeater has access to 911 via an autopatch. Information can be found on the autopatch tab. The repeater has multiple courtesy tones indicating the different configurations. A single courtesy tone indicates the repeater is in standalone mode, a double tone indicates that it is linked to the Intermountain Intertie (Snowbird System) which is the default configuration, a triple tone indicates it is linked to IRLP. If help is required at anytime and you can not get someone one on the repeater you can enter the following DTMF code of 4357 to page the control operator.
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