The primary purpose of this site is to make the information on my Repeater & IRLP node more publicly available. Below you will find a brief history. More information on the repeater & IRLP node can be found on there respective pages.

My name is Reed Swasey i currently hold an Extra Class Amateur Radio License with the callsign AD7ZW. I was first licensed in March of 1993 as a technician with the callsign KB7TCV. I was active for 3 to 4 years after which i lost interest in the hobby. I was reintroduced to the hobby in August/September 2005 by a gal named Katrina “Hurricane Katrina”. I still wasn’t active much and mainly listened to the local repeater on a scanner at work. Sometime after that during the enlargement of Sandwash Reservoir I met Harry KD7KVO (SK) when he came into my store one morning and heard a couple of the local hams on the scanner and struck up a conversation. Over the next year he coaxed me out of my shell and got me active again. I attended field day in June of 2006 that was sponsored by the local radio club at the home of George K3RZD. After operating a good portion of the day i discoverd i had been bitten by the HF bug. Shortly after that i started studying for my General. I passed the General exam in April 2007. My first HF radio was a Yaesu FT-857 that was used sporadically in the house with a G5RV and MFJ Manual tuner until i could get it mounted in the car. After that what operating i did on HF was limited to mobile operation. My setup in the car is the FT-857 with a Larsen dual band antenna for VHF/UHF & a Yeasu ATAS-120 for HF 40-6 meters. Sometime after that i purchased a Yaesu FT-950 for the house. I eventually contructed a full wave 160 meter horizontal loop. I eventually replaced the MFJ tuner with an LDG AT-200Pro autotuner. After operating HF for a year or so i got bit again by the HF bug and upgraded to Extra in April 2009 it was at that time that i requested the change of callsign to reflect the Extra Class license and was granted the callsign of AD7ZW.

Always having a interest in computers i have played with various digital modes since i have been licensed. I started shortly after getting licensed with Packet radio. After i got back into the hobby and earned my extra i was introduced to the digital modes that are now available at one of the local radio clubs meetings. I purchased a US Interface Navigator Digital Modem. After the purchase of the navigator i primarily operated PSK31 with a few voice contacts thrown in. In the spring of 2014 my antenna had an unfortunate accident with the loader bucket of the tractor and pulled one corner of the antenna down. I tied the corner back up as high as i could not having access to the equipment needed to place it back where it was at approximately 25 feet. Later that summer the camper finished what the tractor started and pulled my antenna down. With only the 857 left as my only operable HF radio i’m not as active as i was since i don’t spend a lot of time mobile.

In the spring of 2013 after reading about the Raspberry PI micro computer and no longer having a local IRLP node i started to think about building one.  More detail on the history and construction of the IRLP node can be found on its page.

In 2013 after years of neglect i got the idea to approach the local club about rebuilding one of the local repeaters. The history of that and pictures detailing the construction can be found on the repeater page.